Proud Wife

It’s Friday so I figure I should write something light and positive to end the week.

To say I love my husband would be a gross understatement.  His is my friend, my partner, my love, my conscience, my inspiration.  He is my second chance at love and this time I got it right!

He currently drives a bus for people with disabilities and the elderly.  I am actually one of their customers!  Anyway, his passion is computers, whether programming or fixing them.  He spent 13 years teaching programming at a local Technical Institute and had an internet business for over 10 years (which I also worked for).  But he burnt out and we sold the company. I went to culinary school but he took awhile before landing a job that fulfilled him.  Helping people is what he does best and his clients love him!

However, the passion for creating was still inside just waiting to get out.  Last year he started playing with light shows.  You know the ones, they are all over YouTube – lights dancing and singing to music on front lawns!  He put on a cute little show with a 16 channel box and a program he found on the internet for Halloween.  People loved it so he did another for Christmas and another for New Years.  People have been talking about it all year.

Well I was so pleased he finally found a hobby he loves and could fit into his crazy schedule.  Many months ago he started working on a song for Halloween…and picked a song you would not normally think of for it.  He took Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” and did a play on words – Some Body.  Now he is working with 250 channels!

Another passion of his is mental health.  He has lived with my struggles for over 15 years and has dealt with some depression of his own.  So when he really listened to the words of the song phrases like “addicted to … sadness” and “resignation to the end” he decided to bring awareness by doing a commentary during the song.  It is quite clever and, I believe, sensitive to the issues.  What do you think?

Some Body That I Used To Know

Hope you enjoy it.


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