When fibro fog strikes it appears I have no words

To my friends and family, when I get tongue tied or frustrated, this is why. While the blogger says she couldn’t come up with the right words to explain to her friend, I think she was very eloquent!

Just Keep Smiling!

I was just thinking about a ‘bad day’ I had a few days ago and realised I had no words for what happened. I had severe pain in my neck but as usual I battled through it and carried on with my day at work but I kept making simple little mistakes throughout the day (sign something else was going on) I finished work and went to do a little bit of Christmas shopping with a friend. This is when my problem really started, I suddenly could not remember what I needed. I got frustrated with myself but couldn’t even find the words to explain to what my issue was. Looking back on it now it is all quite clear to me (Fibro fog) however as much as I got frustrated this didn’t help my situation at all so I wandered around hopeless with no idea what I needed, chatting things through with my friend and…

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3 Replies to “When fibro fog strikes it appears I have no words”

  1. There are lots of different reasons for mind fogs – it is just too bad that any of us have to suffer from them. I know when my neighbour had a stroke she would get very frustrated that she couldn’t remember things or formulate words. She noticed it more than anyone else did. I remember when I first started experienced it with my chronic pain, I thought of her. She passed away over 20 years ago but I was amazed with what she could do.


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