Happy New Me!

Happy New Year can have some pretty powerful and different meanings. Specially when you are dealing with any kind of challenge – physical, mental, emotional, financial, etc.

The year 2014 started with major health problems. I had my gallbladder out in early February and was back in hospital a week later with liver problems. I was battling chronic and acute pain for months and in July was rushed back to hospital for an emergency appendectomy. This too triggered more pain.

Then there was the bittersweet time this summer that we took in Kay’s kids for a couple of weeks. Bitter because of the circumstances and sweet because not only did we regain and even strengthen our relationship with Kay, but we now have two little ones in our lives and they love us as much as we love them. They are family, plain and simple.

We had the little guy over yesterday and I woke up this morning to see blocks all over the living room and the coffee table covered in his drawings. It didn’t even provoke my OCD. Instead I smiled and took pictures to send to Kay to show he had a good time! Of course now I can’t wait to get it all put away! LOL

I wrote a whole post on the word “Happy” awhile ago, so you know how I feel about it. I really AM happy about 2015. Some of my goals are to work on my book, keep up my blog, go back to walking in the pool which is good exercise for me and just get out more. We are planning a week in California in the fall and we hope to go see some relatives on the coast for a weekend.

Looking forward like this to a brand new year and all it may have to offer (positive and not so much) is a huge improvement over just wanting to get away from the old year. In the latter case, I have usually just brought all of the bad with me into the next year instead of leaving it behind.

So why doesn’t the title say Happy New Year? I wondered when you were going to ask that.

The best part of 2014, and something I will bring with me is finding myself – learning who God made me to be even before I was born. This is my most cherished memory of 2014 and I intend to carry it into every year I have in the future! I can almost hear the theme song from the old “Mary Tyler Moore Show” blasting inside my head “You’re Going To Make It After All”! That’s much better than other songs I have had on repeat all through my life.

I am beautiful, sexy, smart, caring, strong and confident. I LOVE the colour purple, identify with butterflies and am very creative. I am a Godly woman who isn’t afraid to face challenges because I know I have the Lord with me at all times. That is who I am.

So Happy New Year to everyone. And Happy New Me!


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