Stripping Naked

Okay, that is just a figure of speech. I won’t be showing any nude selfies any time soon….or at all for that matter LOL!

I just realized that what I am doing with this blog is removing all the layers of protective walls, masks and other barriers I have had up to protect myself.

I have readers who know me and know all or a lot of what I am talking about. Others who know me may be finding things out for the first time. Then there are those of you who don’t know me – many of you share diagnoses with me or pasts of abuse. Others may read my blog solely because they see a keyword or a title that sounds interesting.

So when I go to write a post, I do feel like I am stripping naked in front of the blogging world. And I can’t think of the people who know me and what don’t I want them to know. I can’t worry about those I don’t know either. I need to be real, write from the heart and not put on a show.

That is how I feel about the blog so far. If I get stale or too repetitive I will probably stop writing before anyone has a chance to un-follow me! That’s a part of the old me that will probably never go. I kind of hang on to the flight response as a last chance contingency.

Through 20 years dealing with varying degrees of chronic pain, and three programs to help me manage it, I have learned to take things at face value. So I now do that in all facets of my life. If I am having a pain day that I can’t self-manage, then I need to take a rest, even if it means cancelling things. If I am depressed, I need to figure out why and what can be done about it. If I am high (which hasn’t happened in several years) I need to get help ASAP!

So, if I run out of things to write about, I will need to take a break until they come to me…but don’t worry, I still have about 6 unfinished drafts and a few thoughts written down so it won’t be happening any time soon!

Time to put my clothes back on.


4 Replies to “Stripping Naked”

  1. Lydia, you’re right on the money. It is a stripping naked to be so honest and real. This blog made me smile and chuckle. There’s a great Poem called Paintbrush. I will see if I can find it for you. Thanks for getting naked with us. You give others the courage to do the same.

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    1. If I did post nude selfies you and everyone else should be scared LOL! And thank you for the compliment. It is sometimes hard to bare your soul, but I just feel the Lord is calling me to do so.


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