I am married to the most awesome man. He picks me up when I fall, literally and figuratively. He cleans up my messes and picks up what I drop (as bending is not my strong suit). He knows what to say when I am about to melt down. He hugs me when I need it, wipes away my tears and gives me a good laugh at just the right moment.

Dealing with mental illness and chronic pain is a huge double whammy (with a few other health conditions thrown into the mix). But when you have love on your side it gets a little easier.

For many years, when my conditions were at their worst, I drove him crazy almost to the point of him leaving. And I must admit I wanted to leave a few times too. But we stuck it out and found what works for us.

My prayer is that everyone who is facing challenges (and aren’t we all) can find that right someone to go through life with.


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