The Extra “A”

I thought I would explain my name, lydiaa1614. When I set it up, I couldn’t use capitals or the second a would have been A.

It stands for Acts 16:14, the verse that talks about Lydia, the seller of purple and first convert to Christ. She invited Paul and his entourage to her place for dinner.

Way back when I was little and all I really knew about church was “Jesus Loves Me”, I loved the colour purple. I made and wore purple corduroy pants to high school when that just wasn’t cool but I didn’t care! Even before that I was making purple clothes for my dolls!

Then, when I became a Christian in 1992 and started studying the bible, I came across Lydia. It all kind of made sense. It was a name I always loved and she sold purple cloth. Also, she was strong in her faith and not afraid to show it.

So that’s the story of the extra “a”!

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