I do not have any children of my own…biological ones anyway. I have more unofficially adopted ones than I could possibly count from working as a live-out Nanny, helping out friends with babysitting and respite, youth groups, kid’s clubs you name it. Some of them are even having their own children.

I talk often about Kay and her two kids. She and her daughter were very sick today with colds and fever so I offered to take her very active 3 year old son for the night to give them a chance to get better. He loves to come over and the feeling is mutual. I picked him up this morning and he joined my hubby and I for lunch and they watched the Lego Movie while I got hubby’s sandwiches for work. Then I had a phone meeting while the little guy played happily.

My next door neighbour and dear friend is in hospital fighting a tough battle with cancer. They are not giving her long and her 9 year old granddaughter who lives with her and the girl’s mother is very special to me. Our door is always open to the young one to come over, play with the pets, talk, watch TV, or in this case, help out with an active young man! It was decided she would also spend the night allowing her Mom to be at the hospital.

They played together for awhile and then we went to McDonald’s for dinner. When we got back it was another movie and then bath and bed for the little one. The girl loves kids and took over from me trying to get him to sleep. Her tactics were unique but effective. She asked him what he wanted for breakfast – eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast, juice and I am not sure what else. Then she told him if he didn’t sleep, he wouldn’t be able to wake up and have his breakfast. That, a couple of made up songs and stories and the deed was done! I just hope he doesn’t remember the menu! LOL.

Then I had to gently nudge her to get ready and get to sleep. Now, it is quiet in the house and I can enjoy a cup of peppermint tea and blogging time – writing this, catching up on what others are up to and answering a few comments.

It is nice to have children in the house. While I long ago accepted it best that I did not have any of my own due to my physical and emotional challenges, I still have the heart of a Mother and love these little moments. I do know that after they are dropped off tomorrow to school (her) and daycare then home (him), I will probably have a long nap, but will be blessed by the experience.


2 Replies to “Kids!”

  1. I don’t know why, but I just felt blessed to read this snapshot of your life. Probably thanks to a bout of depression that’s been coming back for a few weeks now. Thank you 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad my story was able to bring a little light into your depression. I totally understand that darkness as I have been there way too many times. I hope that I can cheer you again some time. Be blessed and I pray your depression lightens and leaves soon!

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