Attitude Is Everything

Old Me – “I am in a lot of pain and I am tired. I have to make lunch but just don’t have the time energy to make anything good and I feel guilty that I am letting my hubby down.”
New Me – “I am tired and sore, but I can stir fry some veggies quick, put a steak on the indoor grill and cut up a tomato. He loves that and I feel good knowing I have made a good meal in a short time frame.”

Old Me – “I can’t get up early to go to the YMCA pool so I guess I can’t get the exercise I need. And when I do go I just get more pain.”
New Me – I can go in the afternoon though it will be busier in the main pool where I walk. As for pain, I just have to start more slowly and not be in a rush to increase laps too quickly”.

Old Me – “I can’t go shopping by myself because I will be tempted to buy something that I shouldn’t.”
New Me – “I need to trust myself and realize that I will never change patterns unless I test myself on them.”

Old Me – “I am not suffering from symptoms of bipolar so maybe the diagnosis was wrong and I was just misunderstood.”
New Me – “Yes, I have struggled for years with bipolar, depression, anxiety, OCD and other mental disorders. I am just stronger now and able to keep them under control. It takes a lot of work and is not always easy but I keep getting better at it.

Old Me – “I am undeserving of God’s love. Why should He love me when I am such a loser?”
New Me – “I am undeserving of God’s love but He gives it unconditionally.”

Old Me – “Everyone is right. I am fat, ugly, stupid and untalented.”
New Me – “Everyone is right. I am beautiful, smart and creative. I may need to lose some weight, but I can do it if my set my mind to it.”


8 Replies to “Attitude Is Everything”

  1. You have to tell the Judges (those thoughts that sabotage )– the Critic, the Perfectionist, the Moral Judge etc — to take a hike!!


    1. Thank you very much for the nomination. I will accept it; however, I will not be able to respond right away. I just did one a week ago and I have some personal things to attend to. But please know I really do appreciate it, and you. I just didn’t want you wondering why I hadn’t done it.

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