“Mom” Again!

On Friday around noon I have to say I was a little relieved that my 9 year-old house guest was going for the weekend with her Dad. With having her through the week and the little guy for two nights I have to say I was exhausted and in a bunch of pain.

But a little while ago she called from next door and asked if she could sleep over again tonight. I thought it was kind of cute because her Mom and I had already talked and if her Dad brought her back I was going to take her in and get her to school in the morning. And I have to say I am looking forward to having her back.

For one thing she is a little easier to look after than a very active 3 year old boy (though I love him to bits and like having him stay), and she is good company. We were planning to do some playing with fondant so will be able to after I pick her up from school tomorrow.

Now that I am feeling better about myself, it is so much easier to take on responsibilities. For one thing, I think before I act so I don’t get myself in situations I will regret (a typical characteristic of my mania) and for another, I actually allow myself to enjoy things (not a typical characteristic of my depression).

So, I get to play Mom again for awhile. The only crappy part of this whole thing is the reason she is staying here – so her Mom can stay at the hospice with her grandmother during her last days and nights. The grandmother is my long time neighbour and dear friend and I will miss her terribly. In fact I already do. But taking in her granddaughter is partly my way of dealing with it.

It is so good to feel “normal”!


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