I said No

"No" used to be the hardest word in my vocabulary. I would say "yes" to anything and everyone and then regret it.  I had trouble with the follow-through and/or admitting I couldn't do it.  I believe it went along with my lack of self-esteem and wanting to fit in.  But in the end it always …


Why does BPD have us push people away?

I have wanted to say these words to many people. This says it beautifully.


I will tell you why.
It’s because when welove, welovestronger & beyond theuniverse.Loveis intense for us. We may try to give you the world if we could.
But we are terrified when we get too close because when it’s time for you to say “goodbye” we are terrified and lost. The separation emotion is extremelyintenseand painful. We feel that the pain will kill us.
We push people awayonlyout ofFEAR!As if we were going to fall off from an edge! You understand?
We honestly don’t mean to push away. We sincerely enjoy company and care.
Please give us time we are a work in process. Once we learn to love ourselves 100%, pushing away won’t be such an obstacle.
-Ana Landa

This is to all my family members & friends!


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