At A Loss

Two days ago my dear friend and neighbour lost her battle with cancer. For the past 8 years I always knew I could pop next door and see her awesome smile.

I have had her 9-year-old granddaughter living with me weekdays for the last two weeks and it was like having a part of my friend there with me. Now they are both gone as the girl’s Mom is back home from spending her time at the hospital and hospice with HER Mom.

Some of my fondest memories of my friend are:

  • taking the scraps of my chocolate cakes over in bags after I had carved a cake for an order. Her eyes would light up like a little kid!
  • discussing crocheting, sewing and crafts in general
  • me taking my supper over when hubby was working and we would eat our own meals together to chat and/or watch the news
  • getting to know her whole family and feeling part of it
  • knowing she was just next door if I needed anything, even a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to.

As for her granddaughter and daughter, I know I will still see them. However, having the little one here gave me a wonderful taste of motherhood, getting the full experience from laughs and discipline to heartache and hugs. There were even decisions on keeping her from school with a cough and fever, knowing she had to be healthy to see her grandmother to say goodbye (her own decision) and when to send her back again.

I have really been relying on my faith through all of this. My friend was a believer of a different faith, but was still very ready to go home to our God. I was able to pray for her and have others do so and I know that it helped in many ways. It also helped me try to make sense of it all.

Another loss has been the inability to write here or even read others’ blogs and comment. I was literally drained of energy and full of pain, stripped of any creativity. But I would do it all again in a heartbeat… not lose a friend, but to have her in the first place and be there for her family.

5 Replies to “At A Loss”

    1. Thank you. I will see her at least for the next little while and she may come here after school when her Mom is busy. But if her Mom can’t buy the Grandmother’s townhouse next to us, she may move out of the province for a better job. I don’t want to lose touch with them at all but it is in God’s hands.

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