I have been having a tough time blogging this past week. I start posts but then get stuck.

My pain has been pretty high, mostly in my abdomen, arms, legs and back. This makes it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep, or even sit, for long periods. I also still have my cough and extreme fatigue. My doctor gave me a series of blood tests to do, but since I have to fast for 12 hours, and take food with my medications, trying to find a good time to go is difficult. I have also been walking around like a zombie, even though I am sleeping a lot.

I am writing this not to complain or get sympathy, but just to be honest that I feel crappy and as a result am not very creative. I have been very encouraged by other bloggers over the past few days so I guess I was meant to read more than write. Here are some of the posts that helped me through:

Thank you all for brightening my day and giving me better things to think about. I have been blessed by your words.


7 Replies to “Cudos”

    1. Thank you so much. I am feeling a little better tonight – I think partly because I was able to reach out and write something. Like I said, sometimes you need to write, and other times listen to (read) others.

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      1. Absolutely ☺ I hear that. Connecting really helps me even though at the time I reeeeally don’t feel like reaching out. Glad you are feeling a little better ☺

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