An Apology

When I decided to start this blog, I thought things out very carefully.  I committed myself to not only write my blog, but to follow, read and give feedback on other people’s blogs. I feel that if I expect others to read my work then I should be prepared to do the same back.

I have gotten to “know” some really talented writers and people who are brave and/or passionate about sharing information on their illnesses, pain and talents (whether they be poetry, food, photography, etc.).

In the last few weeks I have found myself in one of the worst pain flares I have had in a long time.  When I went to see about getting relief at the hospital, I caught yet another cold.  The cough that followed was a nasty one and ended up triggering my sciatica.  Yay, more pain!  Nothing but sleep is giving me any relief from the multitude of pain triggers I am dealing with so I am sleeping a lot.

So, not only have I not been spending a lot of time on my blog, the list of posts I want to read by others is quickly getting longer. Please know that I have every intention of reading your posts, replying to your comments, etc.  I just need to get to a point where I can manage my pain levels once again instead of them controlling me.

Thank you for reading my work and sharing yours with me.



6 Replies to “An Apology”

    1. Thanks for commenting. I guess I am mostly apologizing for not writing so much, more than for not reading. Though I do feel (for me, not putting it on others) that reading others material is as or more important than writing my own.

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  1. ((((hugs))))
    There’s no need to apologise. I’d guessed you were still having a bad time 😦 and I understand completely. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and I really hope everything settles down quickly for you. So many of us have been suffering more than usual, its not good.
    You look after yourself! (((hugs)))

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    1. Thanks, Moongazer for the hugs and understanding. I knew you would understand as would our many fellow chronic pain sufferers. I am having a small bit of relief this evening as my levels have gone down slightly. I am hoping this is a sign that the worst is over. I have been working on my nails! 🙂

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      1. Thank the starry skies for a bit of relief! I really hope you feel better again tomorrow too. You certainly deserve a reasonable run after everything recently.
        And yay! for nails 😀 How are they coming along?
        I’ve had to put a silk wrap on one of my pinkie nails 😦 I had got a vertical split that was in danger of splitting up to my cuticle. The flaw in the nail seems to be on the underside and was probably due to eczema but I had to do something. It’s not ideal, but hopefully the split will grow out while its protected.

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