10 – Line Poem Challenge

Yesterday was a pretty rough day (but that is for another post).  It was brightened when I read a post by my friend Moongazer at Chaos, Cats and Chronic Pain on the 10-line Poem Challenge.  Her poem made me smile (as anything about cats will) and I told her she inspired me to start writing poetry again. …


You are awesome! – by The Persistent Platypus

Yes, I am awesome….and so are YOU!

The Persistent Platypus

Regardless of whether or not you had a great day or the worst day of your life, you are an incredible person. There is greatness that lives within you, even if you don’t believe it. We are often our own biggest critic, and we don’t build ourselves up enough! It is time we start recognizing our own greatness!

Never forget that YOU are awesome!!

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