Our Little Monkey

This coming August will mark the 2 year anniversary of a tiny black kiitten coming into our lives.

I had just switched vets to one that was closer to where we now live because both Violet, our aging arthritic mutt, and I were not up to long drives to the old one.  Violet was having severe problems with her hip displacia and I had taken her to see the new vet.  He was so good with her that we decided to keep dealing with him.

I was taking Violet in for a follow-up and looked in the corner to find a little tiny black kittie in the corner.  She had big eyes and was looking right at me.  I found out that she and her brother had been dumped off at the vet’s office 3 weeks earlier, at the age of just 6 weeks.  They were in rough condition and the doctor and his assistants brought them back to health.

We had just lost our other pup in February due to a fast growing lung cancer, and had not really thought of a new pet and yet Violet was missing him.

The next day I looked in the closet of what was becoming my craft studio/office and found a mouse trap.  I am extremely terrified of all rodents, specially mice and rats.  It totally unnerved me and I went out and adopted the kitten! It turned out that hubby had heard some scratching in the walls, but it did not amount to anything and we don’t hear it anymore.

While adopting her I was asked what her name would be and I said I didn’t know because I would let hubby name her (a way of softening the blow if he didn’t approve!).  They said they were calling her Monkey because of the way she was always climbing up the bars of her cage.

The second I brought her into the house and placed her in hubby’s arms, she knew that this home was hers and she has ruled over it ever since.  Hubby fell in love instantly and decided to stick with “Monkey”.  It fits.  Even at 2 she runs around the house at record speeds, gets into every box, bag, etc. that comes into the house, torments Violet and is just a real character.  She has taken over all of Violet’s beds around the house, gets on or into blankets (like the picture above), jumps into the washer or dryer (you have to check before shutting the door) and will hunt down anything black, even the coat sleeve of a friend who left it draped across the arm of the couch!

We love our little Monkey.  She can be medicine to your soul just watching her antics or her sleep.

Oh, by the way, I am totally allergic to cats and dogs but decided a long time ago that they were something I couldn’t live without!


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