… And It Ends

They say God works in mysterious ways, and my life is a prime example!

Awhile ago I posted about our plans to sell our townhouse and purchase a house.  We really felt that it was the Lord leading because so many factors fell into place rather quickly.  We were pre-approved for a mortgage, we found houses within the confines of that mortgage and in three different areas that we believed we were to go to.  We made up our minds that this was a very positive step and believed that God would show us which path he wanted us to take next.

We were terrified of the sizable payment we would be left with, coming from a place where we only pay a maintenance fee which also covers our annual property taxes.  But we knew if we were meant to do this it would work out.

When our Realtor came into our home we had already made a list of what we would need to do to get this place in shape and he added more.  The main item being to clear out a lot of “stuff”.  To do this, we decided to rent a storage locker to put everything that wasn’t needed for staging the place.  We also called a contractor to handle the repairs and upgrades.

And if we wanted to get any of the places we were interested in we had to act quickly.  However, we were both sick and starting to feel overwhelmed.

After lots of discussion and prayer, we came to the conclusion that we were not ready to sell at this time.  Instead, we could borrow a lot less and fix the place up over time the way WE want it and save up so we can afford something we want when the time was right.

We decided to keep the storage locker and use it for seasonal items to free up space in our house, yard and shed.  Hubby took a load on the weekend and even though we have a long way to go, it already felt much better!

Whoa!  Hold it!  So you are telling me that all we really needed all along was a storage locker?

Well, the repairs and upgrades are still needed, but the locker is going to make a huge difference. And I don’t have to worry about my OCD and bipolar colliding while trying to organize the work and a move or my chronic pain flaring.  I am not good at change – though I am finding that certain changes, like an uncluttered home and life are okay.

So we are not moving, at least not right now.  We are meeting with the contractor tomorrow to start phase one of three which includes a redo of our en-suite bathroom including a walk-in shower which will make life much easier for me!

I really believe that the Lord was in all this – allowing us to believe that a move was His will so that we could come to our own conclusion as to what was right. I don’t think I would ever have been able to justify spending money on a locker to store out belongings without it first being associated with a move.

The truth is we do love where we live and have wanted to fix it up for awhile.

Thanks for the push dear Lord! I can’t wait to see what You have in store next!


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