My (1/4) Irish Eyes Are Smiling!

My maternal grandfather was from England and his wife, my grandmother, was Irish.

One of the best memories of my childhood was my mother’s love for St. Patrick’s Day. I hated green, but she would always have me wear something (even just a shamrock pin she made out of felt) and I still do to this day. We had an Irish boiled dinner and she always made the corned beef from scratch starting in early February. I have made them up until last year, though I cheated and bought the brisket all ready to go. I just boiled in the bag for a few hours, took it out and put it back in the pot with the veggies! I have had to go onto a strict almost vegetarian diet until they can get my liver problems sorted out.

So anyway, as I think of my Mom with a little tear in my eye, I will leave you with an Irish blessing.

“May you live as long as you want,
And never want as long as you live.”


3 Replies to “My (1/4) Irish Eyes Are Smiling!”

  1. What a great blessing! I usually make the traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal every year as well, just as my Swedish mom always did, LOL. I’m having to put it off until tomorrow because Ihad a bit of a stomach ache. I didn’t want to make one of my favorite meals and not be able to enjoy it!

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