Letter to bpd – by Kelzbelzphotography

If I were to write a letter to my bipolar disorder, it would probably come out quite similar to this.


Dear bpd

Right BPD we had a deal. We’ve had it for a few years now. Remember?

If I took care of my physical wellbeing, walking, eating better, sleeping. Taking baths to relax. Take good care of my children. Keep my home looking good and enjoyed cooking and baking.

That you’d be nice and lessen your severe nature by allowing me to emotionally keep my shit together.

Guess what BPD your not keeping your end of the bargain here are ya!?!

Sitting here shaking like a leaf in the wind. My stomach in knots like the ocean crashing around. I’m being mindful. Im taking my little pill at night which isn’t as effective. I’m using my dbt skills to win the battle.

So ill tell you again bpd I’m stepping up so you step out alright. Simple really your a part of me that will become my past. Like all…

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