Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness!

Well, that was a pretty short vacation! Actually I forgot that I did have a topic to share, one that is dear to my heart in several ways.

When my hubby and I were cooking at a summer camp a few years ago, we met several incredible young people from all parts of the world. The one thing we all had in common was a love of serving the Lord.

It was very hard work with long hours in a hot kitchen and I fell apart emotionally twice. We ended up coming home a month early because of it.

One person that stood out for me was a young woman who reminded me almost too much of myself. She had a lot of struggles emotionally, but was much stronger and wiser than I at that age. She managed to make it through the summer and over the years we have kept in touch through Facebook.

Leila has been a warrior in the fight to end the stigma of mental illness. In Canada we have a yearly event sponsored by one of the mobile phone companies and she works really hard to spread the word. Now, she is training to run a full marathon (her first), to raise funds and awareness.

I am so proud of the woman Leila has become – as a Christian and as a warrior of a cause dear to both of our hearts. I am sponsoring her for her run and would like to share her story with you because it is a good one. And if anyone is lead to sponsor her it would mean a lot to both of us.

Marathon 4 Life

Donations can be made here.


4 Replies to “Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness!”

  1. Can I say yay? I am just getting to know you and selfishly I am happy to see you post again! One of the most wonderful things in God is that ability to heal and then pay it forward. Thank you for sharing and I pray her efforts are blessed!

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