An Invitation

I haven’t been sitting idle during my time away from writing. Besides nursing yet another round of the cold/flu that doesn’t want to leave me, I have been working on something I have wanted to do for a long time – that is to work on two passions that rank as high as writing in my life. Those are food and hospitality.

So, just today, “In Lydia’s Kitchen” was born. It is still very much in the infancy stage, but I hope to help it grow quickly. It consists of a blog ( which is now up and running, and a website which will soon follow.

The blog will take on much the tone of sitting around the kitchen table with good food and friends, with recipes photos and stories of my days catering and cooking in summer camps. I might even be persuaded to pull out some pictures of cakes I have made over the years for family and friends. As with this blog, my faith will play a good part in those stories, as will my health and other challenges.

The website will be take on more of a “front shop” feel, but that won’t be ready for awhile. Also, I won’t be talking about that in this blog after today because I use this as a forum for how I deal with my mental illness, physical challenges and day to day living. I don’t want to mix that with business.

But feel free to visit my kitchen in blog form. I am hoping we can maybe share a recipe or two, some cooking tips, or just some good “around the table” conversation!

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