The Best Kind of Tired

This has been quite the week.

We have started moving things around in our house so that Kay’s kids and Emma have a room whenever they stay here. It will also be for any other guests we may have, though the kids aren’t too crazy about that idea! 😉 We moved some furniture in the living room so we can fit hubby’s office love seat there. I will be moving as much of my craft studio/office into his room and everything else will go into storage. So I have been sorting that out as well.

I had Kay’s son Tuesday night and Thursday night. I will be dropping him off soon and picking up his sister for her first sleepover in a long while. I am looking forward to spending time with her and I know she is excited too. She just turned five and is a real sweetie. They both are.

Emma helps out with the little ones so I do get some time to relax or do chores. I am more of a “Gramma” age than a “Mom” and with my chronic pain and emotional challenges, I need all the breaks I can get.

But I must say, that a few sore muscles and fatigue are a small price to pay for having a lot of love in my house. It is the best medicine in the world.

Come Sunday, though, I am sure I will be ready for a long nap!


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