The Little Things…

I have been pretty down lately. I have been dealing with liver pain again and am in the middle of another flush to remove the gallstones still there. I am also not eating much and have no energy. All this can play with my moods and negative thinking.

However, I have been trying to focus on the little (and even some not so little) things that keep me grounded and not focused on what is wrong with my life.

One of those “little” things is my rhododendron. It was given to me by a guy who lived next door to us in our old house. It was a young couple who were addicts struggling to come clean and make a life together. He seemed at first to be the one not wanting help and she was the stronger of the pair. But in the end, he made a better life for himself and had to leave her as she just kept going back to the old life.

He “found” a bunch of plants (and we heard different stories so decided to just leave that alone) including a sad looking rhodo that sat in a pot and never bloomed. I didn’t get it planted at the old house and brought it with us when we moved. We stuck it in the ground in the corner of our tiny yard and it instantly took hold. It has been blooming like mad every year since.

This is what it looked like this morning when I let the fur kids out so I had to take a picture. There are at least the same number of buds as there is open flowers. It instantly reminds me of the fact that something can sit dormant for a long time, but when the conditions are right, it can grow strong and bloom bright! That is the same with our friend and though we haven’t seen him for awhile, I pray that he is still on the right road.

I am feeling better this morning, partly because of this beautiful bush, and partly because I know God is watching over me, our friends (both of them wherever they are), and every one of you who are maybe struggling today. I hope these lovely blossoms cheer your day as well.


12 Replies to “The Little Things…”

    1. Thanks, Mrs. M. I feel God’s love in all that grows around us. I know He had that rhodo put in my life because I would need it some day….like now! Blessings to you!


  1. That’s just beautiful SIs! I have a Lilac bush in my little yard that came from a tiny cutting given to me by my former neighbor and good friend Tobi. At first it didn’t want to bloom but this year it has taken off; reminding me of the bushes we used to have at home when I was a kid. Tobi has no idea how important that lilac bush is to me. I have been missing different parts of my old life lately with Mom and Dad now gone and that little bush is a lifeline that keeps me sane. I’ll send you a picture when I can. Maybe its a sign from God that Mom and Dad are still there watching over me just like they always did when we were little?

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    1. Kathy, I totally agree with you. Mom had a rhodo very similar to this one (though darker in colour) in the front yard. You could see it from the kitchen window. You have reminded me that she is there in my back yard too. Big hugs to you.


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