Getting Out Is Good Medicine

Yesterday was a holiday here in Canada – “Victoria Day” in honour of Queen Victoria’s Birthday.

It has been awhile since Hubby and I have done something relaxing, so we took Kay’s daughter, Hope, and Violet, our dog, with us and drove to a community called Steveston. If anyone has watched the TV show, “Once Upon A Time”, Steveston is “Storybrooke”.

However, the sites we were going for were the off-leash dog park and the famous fish and chips. I stood in line for almost an hour in the hot sun to get our food while Hubby and his two charges scoped out a table. The wait and the cost are really worth it as the food is excellent and plentiful. Violet munched on some french fries while we gobbled down a pile of fish.

At the dog park I pulled out my camera and took pictures of the scenery. The best subject matter was Violet and Hope sticking together. Hope made sure Violet got her turn at the watering station, tried to coax her onto a rock and ran with her and Hubby down the path and back. I was getting pretty tired so I stayed put on my bench watching all the dogs playing and taking pictures.

As I said, we don’t do this enough. While I was exhausted when we got home, it was a healthy kind of tired. My stress and anxiety seemed to melt away under the sun. Any signs of the depression or mania I had last week were gone and replaced with a peace and calm.

It is so easy to get caught up in all the “have-to’s”; however, if you don’t take the time to enjoy life, time just seems to fly away.

Since we have been spending more time with the kids, I have had the desire to do things like this with them rather than just staying inside watching movies or playing outside where there isn’t much to do. Hope seemed to have a really good time and that is important. But what is just as important, I had a good time as well.

Here’s hoping we do more of this through the summer.

14 Replies to “Getting Out Is Good Medicine”

  1. That sounds like a wonderful day! I am happy for you 🙂 and you are right, it is good medicine, and something all of us spoonies need to be reminded of, I think. Thank you – it’s making me wonder what plans the Gang has this weekend, and if we could manage an afternoon to the seaside xx

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      1. We’re an hour’s drive away. It sounds like so little but we hardly ever go. I am definitely going to run the idea by everyone when they get home tonight 🙂
        (((hugs))) for your soreness 😦 but I know what you mean, sometimes it’s a worthwhile soreness 🙂

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