Happy Special Person Day

I mentioned in an earlier post that Mother’s Day was a non-entity for me for many years. I lost my Mom to cancer 20 years ago, the first several years of my marriage my mother-in-law and I had a bit of a rocky relationship and I was ticked at God for not allowing me to be a Mom. I have worked through all of these issues and this year embraced the day in a way I never could before.

This will be the third Father’s Day since my Dad passed away and the first one where I can really say I feel like honouring him in some way. Anyone who has read my blog on a regular basis knows this was not an easy relationship most of my life and at its worst in the last four years when I became his primary care give while dealing with my own mental and physical issues as well. This year I am hoping to stop in at the cemetery on our way out of town for a small holiday. I am not sure what I will do or say, but I feel it is time.

But that is all just a lead in to the real topic here. I have talked about Kay, the young woman we took in over a few years leading up to her marriage. We ended up ending ties in a rough form of tough-love, for the five years of her marriage, during which she gave birth to a girl and a boy. I got a cry for help awhile back when she had to have her husband forcibly removed from the home and we started rebuilding our relationship as I helped her through healing from an abusive marriage. I had my own experience to fall back on with the only difference being, I didn’t have any children. We both share a very intense love of the Lord, which also helped our relationship to heal. Since that time, my (new and wonderful) hubby and I have been helping out the with children on a regular basis and doing what we can to help them through a difficult time.

Her kids are in pre-schools and that awkward topic of “who should they make the Father’s Day cards for” came up. Kay is an awesome Mom and has been filling the roles of both parents quite well for a year and a half now. She told both teachers that it was totally up to the child who they made it for. Her daughter decided she wanted to make it for her Mom, a very good choice. The not-quite four-year-old boy decided if he couldn’t make it for his teacher, he wanted to make it for me. So instead of being a tie-shape, it is more of an angel and has the inscription “Happy Special Person Day”. I almost cried when Kay handed it to me this morning as she dropped him off at school. These kids don’t have a lot of trust for their young ages but for some reason my hubby and I seem to be able to provide some, with an added mix of love thrown in.

The card will be a beloved treasure, partially for who gave it to me, but also as a reminder of God’s pure love and grace. That he could take a broken being such as myself and give me the strength and wisdom to earn the trust and respect of this little guy.

His sister is asleep in our living room after a pretty hard day for all of us. She curled up in my arms before going to bed as I told her I was one of her safe-keepers. But for some reason known only to the Lord above, I felt like I was being kept safe by these two young souls.

I am honoured to be a Special Person in their lives.

3 Replies to “Happy Special Person Day”

  1. So sweet! I was just discussing this issue with another blogging friend. She is newly divorced and dealing with her preschoolers bringing home father’s day crafts for the first time. Unfortunately, their teachers didn’t think through her situation as carefully as they ought to have. When I taught, we had so many without dads we addressed a lot of cards to mom, grandpa, uncle, special person. Glad you can be that special person to ones in need. God gave you a great big heart for a reason. He knew it would expand to cover many. Bless you!

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  2. Such a sweet story. Blessings to you all. The LORD works in ways we don’t understand. Sometimes it takes years before HIS answers are revealed to us but I guess that is HIS way of teaching us patience. So many lessons to learn from our Papa God. He is the best parent ever!

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