A Different Kind of Love Letter

My friend challenged me to write a letter to my body for all that it has done for me. It is so easy to believe that my body has failed me, but the more I thought about what she said, the more I thought I could do this!

Dear Body,
You have been with me through me whole life and I have taken you for granted. I just wanted to thank you for hanging in there even when things have been really rough.

To my hands – now you are crippled up and sore, but when I think of all I have done thanks to you it boggles the mind! I played the piano, and to a lesser extent the guitar and I even tried the violin! I have done all sorts of crafts since the time I was really young including crochet, drawing, doing string art pictures to earn Christmas money, sewing by hand and machine and so much more. I love to write and for all the years before computers you held my pen and created every word; then you started clicking on the keys to make my words come to life even faster. I can’t forget how you have worked so hard in my love for cooking and baking – all the cakes I have created and fancy dishes. During my culinary school and work in catering you never failed me.

To my legs – I have probably been the hardest on you over the years. I have fallen on my knees, broken toes, twisted ankles and dislocated my hip. My poor knee has gone through so much with a skiing accident at 15 requiring surgery and then 35 years later getting a full knee replacement. You have taken me on so many journeys short and long. You have stood in lines, walked for miles and even tried to get me running – I think you were willing but my lungs were a little weak!

To my back – You have been a literal pain for the last 20+ years. But I don’t hold that against you. I would be a little cranky too having been fractured in three places in the lumbar! You could have given up and I might never have walked again but you didn’t. And today as I have grown stronger in my self-love, you stand up straight and proud! So many times you could have given in and yet you didn’t. I can live with a little pain when the alternative would be to not walk or even sit up. I thank you for helping me to stand tall.

To my lungs – Yes, you have asthma and I am allergic to a ton of things. One of you was collapsed, you have dealt with pneumonia and other infections more than once. But you keep on going and and keep me going. When I am dealing with a lot of pain, you help me breathe it out and when I am going through anxiety, you help me to calm myself.

To my shoulders – I have broken each collarbone twice but you have taken a lot of weight over the years both literally and figuratively. You also help me to stand tall and show the world that I am strong.

To my face – as I look back on old pictures I see you so much differently than I did when they were taken. You were a pretty little girl and grew up to be a pretty woman. My eyes, you have seen a lot, both good and bad. My mouth, you have learned to speak up and be quiet at the right times. My ears, you have heard a lot, but process only what matters.

To my body as a whole – you have taken a lot of abuse from me and others and I admit we have had a love-hate relationship. However, with all that my mind has had to process with mental illness, pain, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, you have endured and I have come to appreciate and love you…..love ME just as I am.

Here’s to many more years together.



7 Replies to “A Different Kind of Love Letter”

  1. Wow. This is really gave me pause to think of all I need to be grateful for despite my struggles with joint pain and the awkwardness I have always felt as a result. Despite all, there is still much to be grateful for. Great reminder, friend! Thanks! 🙂

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    1. I have to give credit to a friend who put this idea “out there” on Facebook. She also personally challenged me to try it and I must say it was a very interesting experiment. I wasn’t sure what to say, but it came easily once I started! I am glad you liked it!


  2. Just wow. Thank you for sharing this with us all. Your body, all our bodies I guess, go through so much that we shouldn’t hate them but it is so easy to do so. I might use this idea and write a letter to my body too

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