A Letter to Me – From “My Spoonie Life”

I am so glad that Majickmogwai was moved by my post to write her own. I encourage anyone else to write a letter to themselves – it is very healing and uplifting. I found things here that I should have thought of about myself!

My Spoonie Life

I took this idea from Being Lydia. It’s a letter to my body to express how much it has done for me. It’s easy to think that a body which experiences so much pain is broken and bad but it isn’t. Your body needs love and this is how I’m showing my body love:

Dear body,

I put you through a lot in my lifetime and I don’t think I give you enough credit for what you have endured. I take you for granted and that should stop so I’m writing this to tell you how thankful I am to have you.
To my head, my face that it’s taken me so long to understand how pretty you are, you were beautiful as a baby and are beautiful now. To my eyes that are the most wonderful and interesting colour and have seen so much, my lips which help me…

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