If It’s Good Enough for Paul McCartney…

PaulMVestLet’s face it, the Beatles did a lot more than just change the music we listened to. Their hairstyles, fashion and way of life certainly influenced the young people of the 60’s and 70’s. And in some ways they still do today.

When I first started on Pintrest and was collecting images for crochet ideas I came across this picture of Paul McCartney in a granny square vest and saluted him with glee! I remember making a crochet vest when I was in school and getting teased mercilessly every time I wore it. And it was just plain blue. If the internet had been around and I had this picture, I would have held it up and said “If it is good enough for Paul McCartney, it is good enough for me!”

This week a couple of my favourite bloggers, Moongazer from “Chaos, Cats and Chronic Pain“, and Mrs. Mariposa from “Becoming His Butterfly“, were talking about change, and being different. So, when I was doing some “pinning” and saw this on one of my boards, it got me thinking. The Beatles evoked a ton of change on the world and not only were they not afraid of being different, they thrived on it!

When my school called to say they found my old yearbook, it brought up memories both good and bad. About the time I was in grade 11 and 12, my bipolar was manifesting itself into my life. I had always had problems “fitting in” but now it was huge! I changed schools in both these grades – eleven because I was coming from a junior high for grades 8 – 10 and twelve because I traveled two provinces over to attend my father’s high school. This was a private school where I boarded with many other girls in grades 8 – 12 and from all sorts of backgrounds. It was a mixed school with separate dorms for boys and girls and day students as well.

It was a really big change for this naive girl who had only lived at home with weekends at my grandparents. I had lived a pretty sheltered life up to that time. I did have friends but I was “different”. I was from a different province, even though I was born in Saskatchewan and had relatives in Regina where the school was. I was tall, a little bit overweight and had very low self-esteem. The bipolar came into play with times where I would burst into tears for no reason, be extremely hyper and active and finally curl up in a ball in my room and only come out for classes and meals. Consequently things happened in that year that haunted me until just recently when I was able to forgive (including myself) and move forward.

On top of all the bad stuff, this school was where I first really became came close to God. I had gone to Sunday School as a little girl; however, when I was 7 we moved out west and never went to church again. The school was run by a church and we were encouraged to attend on Sundays, had chapel every day, took a Christian Ethics class (which I loved) and I even joined the school choir! I still didn’t commit my life to Christ, but I did learn that He was real and loved me just the way I was.

Looking back on the whole experience, I know the God had me go through it to prepare me for more changes and differences in my life ahead. Would I change anything if I could? I won’t lie about wanting to, but I know that if things that were tough then didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have a lot of the good things I have now.

So, like Paul wore his vest, I wear my differences with pride and confidence. Others may have a hard time accepting them, but then again, I just might spark some changes for the better!

Anyone want me to crochet you something?


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