Make Mine Herbal…

I love the way the blogging world works!

I enjoy checking out the blogs I follow (and others I don’t…yet) because you never know what you will learn or where they are going to lead. Today has been no exception.

I started following dray0308 of Dream Big, Dream Often a little while ago. His posts are very upbeat and positive, even when they are about not feeling that way.

Today he shared a blog from The Art of Life Coaching on “The 10 things To Do When Things Look Hopeless”. This is an interesting read for anyone, regardless of your situation – we all need some positivity in our lives now and then.

Then I checked out Brighton Bipolar which had reblogged “7+ Ideas For Online Acts Of Kindness – By Louise Massol” from the Kindness Blog. Besides some really great ideas, I found a link to a gem of a site called 7 Cups Of Tea.

7 Cups of tea is a site where you can actually chat with someone who is just there to listen. Plain and simple. It is relatively anonymous and if you want to become a listener you go through training.

What a concept! I remember many times through my challenged life where I could have used such a service. I had phoned crisis lines and did have friends and family, but to talk to someone I don’t know who won’t judge or give “free” advice, would have been a true blessing. Oh, and the “listeners” are listed as either for “over 18” or “teen” and have a 5 star rating system.

Now, my interest in this site is different. I want to look into it deeper to find out how it really works. If I like what I see and feel it is a fit for me I think I am ready to become a listener. I want to pay forward all the good things that have come my way.

Please if you have time, take a look at any of the blog resources I have mentioned in my post. I am now following them all!

Here is to a very positive day and weekend.


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