Another Round of Bureaucracy

On the weekend I found a link to a firm that acts on behalf of Canadians with disabilities to see if they qualify for grants and tax credits. I have been wanting to apply for the disability tax credit for awhile, but didn’t really think it would help me so I have procrastinated.

Well I gave my name, email and phone number which I almost never do because I am always worried about a scam. Well, they are real, and will take a percentage of whatever I get; however, if they do not get me any funds I don’t have to pay them.

In some ways I don’t want to go through this process again. I did it once to receive disability benefits through our provincial government and again to receive the federal disability pension. There are mountains of paperwork and I have to go through doctors and workers, rehashing all the gory details of why I am disabled, what I can/can’t do and whether any of it will ever get better/worse.

This is all stuff I have put behind me. Like my post yesterday, I am good with who I am now. If that is true, then reliving the past shouldn’t bother me…we shall see how strong I am! The papers come in about 10 work days.

If I am able to collect past, present and future credits it will help us out with day to day expenses and the house that we are hoping to purchase. So, in that way I owe it to my family to do whatever I can. My hubby works hard to keep us going and whatever way I can help I will.

So bring on the application, red tape and all!


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