Oh, Kay!

I have mentioned a young woman in my life named Kay, often in my previous posts. She is a gem of a person and like no-one else I have ever met…or ever will for that matter.

Kay came into our lives over 10 years ago through our church. She was the maid of honour for the daughter of friends and was part of the youth group we helped out with.

Kay stayed with us a few times over the years and when we took a job at a summer camp she stayed at our place and looked after our pets. As young people do, she got married and we lost touch for a few years.

Then, two years ago her life changed and I got a call from her. We just picked up where we left off – it was amazing! We talk several times a day on the phone and try to solve the problems of the world.

The only difference this time is she has two children. I mean two absolutely awesome kids that I can’t get enough of. They have had a hard life but are smart, cute and give the best cuddles. For a couple who haven’t had children of our own, these two are music to our souls.

Well, since I had my “stroke-like” symptoms awhile ago Kay has been staying with me a few nights a week while hubby is working and the kids are away. This is clearly the best medicine I could have. She also accepts my pain and mental health issues as part of me and does what she can to help.

Kay makes me smile and laugh. Other than my beloved hubby and another dear friend I have mentioned, she is really the only other person that can reach inside me and bring out the real Lydia. And for this I owe her the world. We call ourselves “kindred spirits” because we are so much alike (with the right amount of differences such as purple vs pink and orange!). When one of us is down, the other can usually come to the rescue.

We call Kay the “Brat” because she is an angel with a slightly tilted halo (that, she assures us, is not held up by horns) and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world.

Her biggest thrill is taking back food that is wrong or substandard and haggling for something better in return. She is a master at it and to be honest it used to mortify me. I am not a confrontational person and I would beg her to leave well enough alone. However, I am getting a tougher skin and not only do I let her go at it sometimes, I have done it myself (Coming To Terms With Disability). Kay was very proud that day!

Oh, and yesterday I noticed the steak on her salad was most definitely rare and pointed this out to the server – Kay needs her meat COOKED, as in well done. After the server apologized and took it back to the kitchen, Kay thanked me and had a little gleam of pride in her eye. I don’t do it with her flare, but to me that is a good thing. LOL. I will leave that to her.

Kay is the younger sister I never had, the friend I can talk about “things” with and the “mother” that keeps me accountable. But she is way much more than that. I think the greatest bond between us is that we walk with Christ and live entirely by faith. Because we can relate to things in our past and how the Lord has brought us through stronger, I think we have a relationship that will survive anything. I thank Him every day for bringing her into our lives. She is a true blessing.


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