A Question To My Readers

I haven’t been writing here lately for a couple of reasons. I have been tired and in pain much of the time and I have been working on my book.

The topic I am currently working on is stigma and how it affects us as the people who live with it. Personally, I found I was worrying about what people thought of my mental and physical challenges that held me back. Once I rose above it and was open about who and what I was, I seemed to be more accepted.

So, I would like to pose the question to you, my readers who suffer from any form of “invisible illness”. Do you feel that you are apt to hide what is different about you just because of how you think others will react?

I would really like to know your true feelings about this. If you don’t want to write them publicly, you can email me at lydiaa1614@gmail.com.

I am very interested to get your thoughts on this – even on the topic itself.


11 Replies to “A Question To My Readers”

  1. I think hiding your mental illness is a way of trying to not appear weak in front of others, and showing your vulnerability, as mental health issues have so widely become accepted as weak!! This is not the case, it is in fact the opposite. When we are up front about our mental health, we are actually being the strongest we have ever been!

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    1. My point exactly! You have the same attitude as I have. There were people in my life who were “embarrassed” about my bipolar and wanted me to hide when I was having episodes. I no longer hide and am very open about it all (I also suffer from chronic pain, another “invisible illness” with stigma attached). People seem to respect me more and I feel stronger. If someone doesn’t like it, that is their problem, not mine 🙂

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  2. I often try to hide my mental illness so I’m not treated as ‘unhinged’ or ‘crazy’. It may not be that way but I’m always aware that mental illness is still very much seen as a bad thing, something dangerous and contagious, even a form of self imposed weakness. My physical illness I hide because I don’t like people thinking I’m putting it on or pretending in any way.

    I think ‘invisible illness’ is often seen as ‘made up thing to get out if responsibilities and have an excuse to not work’. This really hurts to think people could think that about me so I hide my invisible illness. Hope this helps x

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    1. Yes it does. And I totally understand where you are coming from. Society can be very hard on “differences” of any kind. I have found, however, that the more I believe in myself and my own strengths, the easier it is to “fit in”. Thank you for your honest reply and I hope that if I get my book ever finished and published that it can help you and others to feel better about having “invisible illness”. Big hugs and thanks.

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  3. The problem is insecurity and lack of self love and acceptance for oneself. You need to love yourself enough to accept who you are, how you are and whatever is wrong with you. Thereafter, you will be able to stand the strong winds of other people’s none acceptance of changes in your relationships from closed minded people that do not understand you and only judge you. You will also be able to work on yourself to get better and even heal. That is my general take on the matter. I hope it helps. =D

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    1. Yes, thank you, it does. The conundrum is that it is hard to love yourself enough to rise above (the illness and the stigma) when both are in high gear. That is where some people find themselves hitting a brick wall.


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