Happy Birthday To Me!

Actually, my birthday was yesterday, but I got a couple of calls today so it is still going on. And I started celebrating on Saturday so it is more like a birthweekend!

I am very low key when it comes to birthdays – at least on the outside. I don’t need huge parties or presents. For instance, my husband gave me himself for the day. He said he would do anything I wanted. What I wanted was porridge with fruit, and orange juice for breakfast, a massage to help settle my pain flare, dinner (he could make or take me out) and just sit and relax with each other watching movies. He also took care of the pets and cleaned the kitchen. To me, that is a wonderful way to spend my special day.

My next-door neighbour and her daughter (Emma), came over last night with a slice of gluten-free cheesecake that they hunted all over for and finally found at a local restaurant! Along with it was a movie I wanted to borrow from them but they couldn’t find. They don’t have a lot, but they are very giving and thoughtful. Again, a perfect celebration.

What I mean about being low key on the outside is that every birthday I become very emotional inside myself. I thank my Lord and Saviour for each and every year that I walk on this earth. I do it every day, but even more so on the anniversary of the day I came to be.

I haven’t had the easiest of lives but I know that everything, good or bad, that has happened was for a reason and for His glory. There were three times in my life where I should not have survived…but I did. In one of those I should not have been able to walk…but I do. In another I could have been blinded…but I was not.

My experiences and challenges have all eventually led to good, whether helping others get through similar times or just me becoming a stronger better person.

So, yes, Happy Birthday to me and here’s to many more!



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