My Cat Killed A Bird Today

Not a pleasant title, I know.

This morning a long time friend came over to bring me a quinoa salad and to catch up on things. We don’t see each other as often as I would like, but when we do we can just pick up where we last left off.

We have a lot in common including health issues and even some personal matters (we both had bad first marriages to men with the same first name LOL). We got discussing the fact that we have both now weaned off of our anti-depressants and noted that there are a lot of changes in us since doing that.

One thing she mentioned was she can’t watch sad movies any more. I said that most movies I can watch. However, what does get to me, whether in a movie, show, magazine or in real life is any animal getting hurt. I just can not face it and I get very distraught.

So, as she is leaving and I am walking her to the door, she says, “so is that your cat – I think she has a dead bird”. I looked, and there was Monkey, waiting to come in the house with a small bird in her mouth. My friend bid me farewell and left me with the situation. Hubby was getting ready for work, Kay had left and here I was to get this bird out of the cat’s mouth, grab the cat, through her in the house and then get rid of the poor bird I picked it up in a fallen maple leaf. The whole way to the dumpster I was apologizing to the poor thing and asking God’s forgiveness for Monkey’s bad behaviour.

I know it is a fact of life – cats go after birds. It is just very hard to see any living creature getting hurt by another one (including humans). It happened a few hours ago and I am still blubbering away when I think about it. This is why I chose to blog about it – to hopefully release me from it all.

Monkey is not going outside for the rest of today, no matter how much she meows. Right now she is curled up in her bed like nothing happened. I hope I can forget about it soon.


6 Replies to “My Cat Killed A Bird Today”

  1. Ha, ha, I thought my dog was the biggest wus ever! We taught her to be “gentle”, so she doesn’t even flinch with the 8 lb cat steals her bed – Violet is over 60 pounds LOL.


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