Losing Weight vs. Losing Keys

The other day I was talking to someone about what’s been happening in my life and mentioned that I have been, among other things, losing some weight. She was quick to remind me that this isn’t a positive statement.

If you lose your keys, your first instinct is to go looking for them. So, in the same vein, if you lose weight you imply that you will find it again. So, I have decided that just as I have avoided weighing myself every week so I don’t set myself up for failure every week, I will not be searching for those lost pounds.

I started searching for another term that would fit without having another meaning.

  • If I were to drop the weight I could catch it again
  • Shedding pounds just makes way for new ones to “grow in”
  • Taking the weight off means there is room to put some back

…well, you get the picture.

So, to keep the proper mindset, and a trim body, I am going to send my extra body weight packing with no return address, no chance for a reconciliation, no do-overs and no replacement necessary or wanted! Oh, and my scale is going to stay neatly tucked under the vanity for as long as I can stand not looking!

How I plan to do this is still not totally worked out yet, but with the restrictions on my diet for various conditions, and a relatively small appetite lately, I think I have a good start. I want to add short walks and exercises that suit my disabilities. Eventually I want to get back to walking laps in the pool, short treks on the treadmill and I may even finally join that Tai Chi class I have been talking about for years!

So, I guess I will go find my keys, cell phone and glasses and get going for a stroll through the fall leaves!



14 Replies to “Losing Weight vs. Losing Keys”

  1. Awesome! 🙂 Sending good vibes your way 🙂 I have also hidden my scale….ugh…not my friend lol. You know reading about changing your mindset on sending the weight packing….makes me think when I lose weight it goes to someone else who needs it more than I do lol

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  2. A conundrum for sure. I have lost weight and so far have been lucky enough not to find it again, however, you are correct that we must question this terminology….
    Eat healthily and sensibly. Exercise when you can – regardless of what it is and you will lose weight. It is simple mathematics. Burn more that you consume and you will lose weight.
    It has worked for me and if it has worked for me, it can work for you!

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  3. You know, Lydia, that was really good advice. I made a decision two years ago, come January (actually that was also the month I started blogging…but that for another time), that I was uncomfortable: I was not happy wearing XXL clothes and I felt constantly bloated. I decided to cut out all bread and potato during the week (Monday to Friday or Sunday to Saturday) and allow myself treats over the weekend. With only two of us in the house I also didn’t want to completely disrupt the eating regime. I do not have a scale and I cannot tell you the difference in weight, but I’m happy to tell you that within about 6 – 9 months, I had gone down two sizes and now fit into my “old” clothes and have had many taken in. So, I’m happy with having re-sized and having changed how I eat without getting totally anal about it. If you check my blog, you will see that I like cooking and I like eating, neither of which have stopped. Oh, and much of it is diabetic friendly as I often cook for friends who are either diabetic or pre-diabetic.

    Perhaps my experience will help you and I wish you the best as you re-shape/size yourself!

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  4. Love your post as well as your great ideas about where to send your weight. If you would give me the address of where you are sending it I would love to send some of mine there as well. I will also share that address with some of my friends.
    Tony R

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