A Tiny Little Rant!

Last night my friend Kay was staying over and neither of us were overly hungry or in a mood to cook. I finally decided that we would do a quick run to the McDonald’s drive-through and bring food home to eat.

I don’t know why we keep going to this particular McDonald’s as we have rarely ever had a good experience. This was no exception, but I rant only in fun.

I happen to like iced coffees. I like the sugar-free vanilla flavour. However, because of my liver problems (from long-term medications and a problem during gallbladder surgery) I can not have anything too cold. I was really wanting some ice cream in the form of a McFlurry so Kay remembered to order the iced coffee with no ice.

When we got to the food window they brought the drink with ice. The window attendant told the other person that it should be no ice so they drained it into another cup holding back the ice with a lid. They did not top it up but just put the lid on and handed it over. When I said it was too cold the look I got in return gave me frost-bite. I rolled my eyes, shrugged my shoulders and decided it wasn’t worth the battle.

When the rest of our food came Kay checked it over to make sure everything was correct. It was dark so we really couldn’t see the McFlurries. She did say she wasn’t sure what they put in it. I let mine melt a little so it wasn’t so cold but when I went to eat it I wasn’t sure I wanted to. It was supposed to be Rolo, which has mini versions of the candy and a little chocolate sauce. The ice cream looked a muddy red. We finally figured out that while they had put rolo in and chocolate, they added some of the red velvet as well. Let’s just say it was “interesting” and leave it at that.

Oh, yes, they also served the McFlurries in regular cups without the Monopoly game pieces. Sure, they probably ran out of the cups but if this is the case they are to give out something else with it on. Kay had to ask for this and got two empty fry boxes. How many people would not think to do this!

Okay, none of this is life threatening and no matter how many things they do wrong we always go back. I am usually not one to even complain about anything unless it is incredibly serious. However, since the food I can have and enjoy is getting to be less and less, I am getting a little more picky! Also, Kay loves a confrontation and may be rubbing off on me….just a very little bit mind you. 😉



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