It’s All In How You Picture Things!

My friend Kay and I have a lot of things to accomplish and not a lot of healthy energy to do it with. So, we decided to encourage each other by sending photos back and forth of our accomplishments. It actually makes the work more fun because you want to beat the other person to the punch by texting more photos!

So, this turned a frustrating evening (after spending the few hours I had alone to accomplish things asleep) into an hour or so of productiveness.

It is amazing how you can focus when things are made fun. I saw in my mind what seemed like an arduous task to start make some order out the chaos that was our living room turn into a few steps.

With Hubby’s help we got the boxes of wool that came from the storage unit into the spaces in the hall left vacant by some of Kay’s stuff and boxes that are now stored at Hubby’s brother’s house. We then temporarily moved the totes of Christmas decorations (5 of them!) to other locations, put up the tree where all of the boxes and totes were, moved the decoration totes back to where the tree bag was and voila! Things started to look better…and of course we have the pictures to prove it!

It is truly amazing how something as simple as making a pact with someone can change a situation. Kay got a lot accomplished before she suggested the idea and had sent me pictures. My anxiety melted enough to see a plan and we actually got more done than I expected in a very short time!

So, rather than looking at the long list of things I have to accomplish, I am going to look around today and see what little chunk will make the most difference.



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