Plan B

Have you ever needed a backup plan?

Silly question, right? Everyone needs to pull one out of their back pocket now and then for little things or something major.

My current need is a cake I am making for a very dear and special friend. She is celebrating a significant birthday and I offered to make the cake for her. This was long before my knee flared up, my sinus became infected and before all our stuff came back from storage!

The design I planned was a little ambitious – a stacked and carved cake with hardened fondant panels to look like a gift bag. I had done one for my mother-in-law with the same technique; however it was in the shape of a box with a lid. This one involved much more planning and fiddling.  I didn’t change my design because I thought I could do most of the decorating sitting down. I forgot I can’t carve or roll fondant sitting down – I am much better at the counter.

So, things didn’t go as planned and I was behind on my panels – they crumbled in my hands as I tried to place them. And the cake looked really bad so I couldn’t just cover it with fondant and make it work.

So, no tears, no anger, no getting on my own case. I just finished putting Plan B in the oven. It is a simple 2 tier cake that will be filled with leftover buttercream and covered in ganache. Whether it gets fondant will be determined by how much time is left. Either way I will add some decorations!

My life has called for a ton of Plan B’s. Thanks to illness (mental and physical) I have had to back out last minute on a lot of commitments and it hurts. I have had to “McGyver” situations more times than I care to remember – but I got through them, just like I am this cake.

I truly believe that our Plan B’s or C’s or whatever one ends up working is really God’s Plan A for us. He allows the mistakes so we learn, and rewards us when we get it right by leading to His way. I really like that. It is comforting to know that if I mess up, all I have to do is have faith that it will all work out…and it does!

So, I have to go check the oven – I am on the clock here! 🙂



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