I’ve Been Ruined by Digital TV!

My name is Lydia and I am an addict…of TV PVR’s.

My pain and mental issues play havoc with my attention span a lot of times and I have gotten used to using the pause and replay buttons on my TV converter to catch up what I may have missed. It is a wonderful concept.

However, my concentration problems are not just related to television. I find myself tuning in a little late on a live conversation, something on the radio, or even in a movie theatre. Where is my remote? Why can’t I wind it back a little to catch up?

A few years ago there was a movie out with Adam Sandler called “Click” where he was given a remote where he could turn people “off”, change channels, but in real life, not on the TV! I really don’t want to take it that far for sure. Just a little remote with a rewind and pause that I could use to catch up and feel in the know.



7 Replies to “I’ve Been Ruined by Digital TV!”

  1. That would be awesome! Since we’re admitting things here….I have to confess the E! channel has turned me into a drooling zombie lol I know I’m not suppose to like the Kardashian’s but yet I find myself sucked in to their “life” lol

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  2. I too do this. I stand in front of people and listen to them and part way through I find I am wondering what they have just said!
    I always thought it because of a lack of concentration and the fact my mind wandered so easily.
    Not much we can do if this is how we are built but a remote would certainly be good fun….!

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    1. Thanks, Janice. I am looking forward to spending some more time reading your blog. Thank you for adding me to the list. I have already found a couple of new blogs that are very interesting and relevant. It is a very worthwhile resource.

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