“I Need A Silent Night…”

This morning I woke up to a ding on my phone and found a wonderful devotional and affirmation from a dear friend I like to call “Coach”. It was exactly what I needed and she even sensed that I would.

I have several friends like this – people whom the Lord has put in my life to strengthen me, keep me accountable, love me and just be there when I need it.

In my last post I wrote that Christmas was a bit of a struggle this year – or maybe more aptly, a nonentity. I realize today that this is so far from the truth.  This Christmas is going exactly as it is supposed to.

My gifts are the people in my life – my Hubby, who is also my BFF, Kay, Emma and her Mom, Dee and her two sons, Coach and my family. There are so many more and I hope you know who you are.

My feast is all the food the Lord puts on our table, whether I am up to cooking, others do it for me or we go out. There will always be enough as long as I continue to believe.

And, of course, the Celebration is (for me at least), the birth of the child in a manger, Jesus Christ our saviour.

We watch “The Flash” and were catching up on it yesterday. It was the holiday episode and they are in an arc about two alternate planets, Earth and Earth 2. One of the guys from Earth 2 has been flirting with Caitlyn, a doctor from our earth. He asks “What’s Christmas?” He is told it is a holiday for a child born 2000 years ago and then laughs and says they have Christmas too.

In its rawest form, that is what it is. And sometimes if we are overwhelmed, feeling a loss (people, health, etc.), broke, homeless, doubting or any number of things, we need to go back to the basics. After all, there were no feasts, celebrations or even a warm room for Jesus on his first day on earth. There were presents though thanks to the kings.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a huge thing. In fact it can just be a feeling in your heart. Or, sometimes you have to just leave it totally alone and that is fine too.

The words of my title are from a song by Amy Grant. It speaks of how we get lost in the “chaos and the noise” of the season and she needs to get back to the real meaning.

So, wherever you are physically, emotionally or spiritually at this moment and even if you do not believe in Christmas, I wish you a “Silent Night” where you can feel good in the peace of your here and now.


3 Replies to ““I Need A Silent Night…””

    1. Thank you for your encouragement and your follow. I took a look at your blog and want to spend more time there! I am now following you as well. Isn’t Dream Big…an awesome place to meet people?


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