It’s A God Thing!

I have been talking a lot about my faith lately and much of it has to do with Christmas being right around the corner. That is not to say that isn’t with me the rest of the year… my faith is me.

The latest “incident” happened last night. I have been struggling health-wise lately and was working on a project for a dear friend. I needed my Cricut cutter to cut out some iron-on words. In the summer, when we were planning to sell and move, we had friends help me pack up to make the place less cluttered. My cutter didn’t get packed; however, all the tools and the cords did. We have all the stuff back; however, it is still in boxes stored in two locations.

I spent a couple of hours last night looking for the cords and even had hubby help when he got home from work at midnight. They were nowhere to be found. The job would take minutes once I could turn the machine on and this was frustrating me even more. I looked at my crafting supplies and noticed the big white box on the top. “Something” told me to look in there, that maybe for some reason it would be there. As I pulled it open, I had a mixture of feelings.

In front of me was my first Cricut cutter – for cake. It was a big (red) white elephant because I was never satisfied with how it cut. However, right now it was the best thing on the planet – it had a power cord totally compatible with my new machine!

Hubby grabbed a USB cable and hooked it all up for me. Within minutes the cutting was done and I could turn my thoughts to completing the project.

What does any of this have to do with faith? Well, I firmly believe that God pointed me in the direction of that big white box. Even when I was opening it, I wasn’t thinking “oh, yeah, my other cutter is in there”. I was thinking that the cord may have gotten shoved in there for some unknown reason.

Some people call it karma, others fate. For me, it and so many other minor little miracles, is a God thing.


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