Hello 2016!

Some people are glad to see a year gone, while others feel the years fly by way too quickly. I have fallen into both categories and 2015 did too.

In some ways I can’t believe we just celebrated another New Year’s Eve. It just seems like a short time ago we rang in 2015 and here it is 2016!

However, I have also been wishing that the year would go faster so that I could be done with it. The reasons aren’t that important but revolved around health (for both me and my hubby), upheaval for some of our “kids” which affects us because we love them, finances and the loss of a few dear friends.

What was good about 2015 is I came into my own – rising out of the ashes of my depression and esteem issues to become a vibrant, beautiful, strong woman. My faith, confidence and self-worth have increased immensely these last 12 months. This is thanks to writing this blog, forgiving my past (including myself) and working with my life coach.

The “side-effects” of these changes include a stronger marriage on all fronts, better emotional help which has helped me cope with the increasing physical issues, a love for myself I never knew before, and an ability to accomplish things.

So, what is in store for 2016? Only God knows and He doesn’t like to tell before He is good and ready to let things happen.  I am okay with that. I have spent too many years saying “what if” or “I am going to make sure this happens”, etc. I am very happy to “Let Jesus Take The Wheel”.

So, I wish you all a Happy New Year, filled with joy.



4 Replies to “Hello 2016!”

    1. Thank you. I still struggle each day with pain and emotions but I make sure I see all the positives in life. It has taken a long time and a lot of work to get here (life and relationships), but I wouldn’t change a thing! I hope that 2016 brings all good things to you and your family!


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