My Heart Is Singing!

There are people who come into your life who become friends and you have a good relationship, and then there are a small few who steal your heart in a way you can’t explain.

There is such a man we met years ago at our church. We have watched him grow and become rock solid in his faith and a kind, caring, genuine human being. Every time I see him he gives me a huge hug (they are warm, strong bear hugs) and asks how things are going, really meaning it!

For him things have been going pretty well. He has spent much of the last year or two working on the other side of the planet. The last time he visited he seemed very happy and that made me very happy.

This guy is in his thirties, has a very loving family with great parents, and lots of friends. However, he is still one of “our kids”. So whatever affects him, good or bad, affects us. And there has been one thing on my heart for him for a long time.

I opened up my Facebook this morning to see a picture of him and a lovely lady. They have huge grins and are showing off a beautiful ring. This spoke to my heart in such a way I can only explain it as joyful songs of praise!

Thank you Lord, for putting this couple together and I pray that You will continue to shower them with great blessings.


About LydiaA1614

I am a woman, wife, Christian, mentor, writer, crafter and dreamer. I have had many health challenges in my 50+ years - both physical and mental. But these just enhance my other qualities and make me the individual I am. My writing encompasses all of the above and more.
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6 Responses to My Heart Is Singing!

  1. I enjoy such heartwarming updates 😊

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  2. So sweet and heart warming!

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  3. sandracharrondotcom says:

    Beautiful post! And Amen!

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