My 2016 Word of the Year Challenge!

In my previous post I talked about picking my word for the year. It is a word you choose as your personal focus for the year ahead. For 2015 my word was “strong”, and this year it is “vibrant”.

I picked vibrant (or it picked me), because that is how I feel – a strong, vibrant and intelligent woman. This is a repeat from the post before because I want people to include theirs in the challenge post.

Since this concept has really helped me focus on what I need to work on or embrace what I have already achieved, I thought it might be interesting to throw it out as a challenge to others.

So, here are the details:

  1. Clear your mind and focus on yourself and the new year then pick a word that describes either you as a person or a particular path that you are travelling on. If you are going through health problems you might pick “healthy” or “healing”.
  2. Please share your word here in the comments.
  3. Make your own “My 2016 Word of the Year Challenge” post, with your word and the text written here and altered to your information in the first couple of paragraphs.
  4. (Optional) pick a few bloggers you know who maybe interested in this challenge.

My picks are:

I would add more but it would never end so please, if you are reading this, consider yourself challenged!

I want this to be a very simple challenge to start the year off on the right foot!  Thanks for reading.


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