“There’s Gonna Be A Heartache Tonight”

We are only at day 19 of this new year and we have lost several people of the celebrity community – and most of them to cancer in some form or another.

Hubby and I were watching TV last night when a news update came on announcing that Glenn Frey, of the Eagles, passed away. In December, we were watching the Kennedy Centre Honors when it was announced that the Eagles were also on the list of honorees; however, the group decided to postpone until next year because Frey was having surgery and they wanted him to be able to celebrate with them. Such sad irony now.

Miranda Lambert sang Desperado on the show as a way of paying tribute – very fitting since the song was written by Glenn Frey and Don Henley. When I was looking up a few things about Frey and the group, I noticed that the song was never released as a single even though it was the title song of one of their more popular albums. It also made Billboards top 500 songs of all time!

I grew up on the Eagles’ music just as much as I did David Bowie and so many others from the 70’s and 80’s. My album collection mimicked that of any good record store, with everything from A-Z. But the Eagles played the soundtrack of my teens and early 20’s.

They gave me a “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, showed me “Life In The Fast Lane”, how to “Take It To The Limit”, booked me into “The Hotel California” and in “The Long Run” showed me how to “Take it Easy”. (Gee, wonder how long I could have kept that going LOL!)

Glenn Frey was very much an Eagle. Henley credits his friend and music partner of 45 years with starting it all. So, Mr. Frey, as you soar above us, know that you will be missed and many hearts are aching for our loss.



14 Replies to ““There’s Gonna Be A Heartache Tonight””

  1. My teenage and university years – The Eagles, Don Henley and Glen Frey. So glad we saw them live a few years ago when they were in Cape Town. Brilliant band, brilliant evening. Wonderful music and memories.

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  2. I cried, no bawled like a baby when my favourite fictional character died. I can imagine the sorrow you must have felt when you favorite celebrity passes away. May they RIP.

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