Smile – such a simple word; however, the verb form has such a powerful effect on everyone and everything!

I just watched a video of a 6-year-old boy who’s dad died when he was four and he just recently lost his Mom. To battle his own sadness and loss, he asked his Aunt, who he now lives with, to help him buy a bunch of little toys – rubber duckies, dinosaurs, etc. Basically, things that make you smile.

He then went out with his Aunt and presented people on the street with these little gifts. The criteria for being blessed with these little presents? You can’t have a smile on your face first. He has made many people smile in just a few trips and has a goal of 33,000! I think he will make it – I also think a store or toy company should sponsor him on his quest.

His Aunt says that it is helping him deal with his mother’s death. He says he still misses her, but his giving makes it easier. Such wise words from such a young guy.

On a cooking forum I joined many years ago there is a thread called “The Last Thing that made you smile”. It has been going for a long time now and is very popular. The answers are everything from a grandson coming over to visit grandma to seeing the first flower in spring.

The causes of a smile may be vast but the effect is always the same – one smile can change a million frowns or heartaches. It can be the best medicine when someone is feeling down. A smile can make the day of a complete stranger or warm the heart of someone you love.

I have found a few things through my years of pain and emotional ups and downs:

  • If I feel really good but don’t smile, people ask me if I am all right.
  • If I feel really lousy but force a smile, people tell me I look great.
  • If I am feeling okay and have a natural smile, people say they are glad to see I am not in any more pain.
  • If I am not feeling great but smile and have others smile back, I start to feel better and am able to enjoy myself – even though my pain or depression levels are still the same.

Charlie Chaplin wrote the music for the song “Smile” and it has become a real anthem for looking on the bright side. Here is a wonderful mix of Chaplin on screen and Nat King Cole on audio. I hope it makes you smile!




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