Super Bowl Sunday – Thanks, Dad

b9316739015z-1_20150325161823_000_gqoaatonl-1-0I got my “love” of sports from my dad. I use quotations because since he passed, I have realized that it was actually the fact that we could have quality time together and not the sport itself….any sport.

I have written before that my relationship with my parents was rocky at the best of times. However, I loved them and when we could do things together with no tension it was very enjoyable.

So, for years, I thought I loved hockey, curling, football, soccer, horse racing and many others. I really loved sharing it with Dad. Honestly, though, there are many things I do still like about certain sports. I still follow our NHL team and often watch the CFL Football championship game, the Grey Cup. But otherwise, if I have wanted to watch sports I realize it is to relive some of the few bonding moments I had with Dad. That isn’t a bad thing at all!

So, today is Super Bowl Sunday and I am looking forward to it. Hubby is even recording it for me. Why? Because I want to see Lady Gaga sing the National Anthem and Coldplay in the half-time show of course! I also would love to see the commercials; however I must settle on the TV news highlight reels and Youtube for these as Canada subs in their own ads on even the American channel.

It is really nice to be able to admit to myself that it was “Dad time” and not the sport that drew me in. I can now add these memories to the good side of my life with him. When and if I do watch actual sporting events I can do it knowing he is probably right beside me.

Thanks, Dad



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