Foodie Friday – Another Piece of Cake?

So, I remember back when I posted the above picture of my Mother-in-law’s birthday cake some people wanted to see more. I also have come to a decision that I just can’t handle two separate blogs (after two failed attempts at launching “In Lydia’s Kitchen”) so I am introducing a new feature on this blog called “Foodie Friday”.

To start it off, I thought I would show a few of my better cakes. I do not consider myself by any means a pro, but some of them have turned out pretty good. I hope you like them.

Floating tiers wedding cake with sugar sunflowers
Three tiered heart wedding cake
“Naked” mini cakes – lemon and banana
Top view of mini cakes
Groom’s cake – the cards are all edible images
Luau birthday cake with “upside down pineapples!”
2 1/2 foot volcano cake with ganache and raspberry “Lava” and truffle lava rocks around the bottom
Sculpted teddy bear for a baby shower
Fun cake for a dog tracking judge
Butterfly for a young girl’s birthday
Gingerbread house made out of gingerbread cake

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them. Maybe I will share some more at another time! And if my arthritis allows, I am hoping that I can do some more soon.

Be sure to stop by my kitchen next Friday. Who knows what I will be cooking up!


8 Replies to “Foodie Friday – Another Piece of Cake?”

    1. Thank you. Some of the wedding cakes were for customers when I had my catering business. And I will be doing another wedding cake in a few weeks which I am both excited and nervous about. Thankfully I have a young helper on that one.

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