Putting In Overtime

My coach, husband and close friends keep reminding me that my full-time job is looking after my health, both physical and mental. They are right though sometimes it is hard to accept this fact.

I keep wanting to find some way of validating myself through making money. I also think of my full-time job as being a good housewife. The truth is, that I can’t do either of these things if I am not healthy.

Right now, however, I feel as if I am drowning in overtime just trying to keep myself functioning close to my normal. My normal means my pain levels are manageable, I am neither manic nor depressed, I don’t have a cold or flu, and I am able to handle my regular routine.

I am dealing with pain in my tailbone that I can’t explain, my third or fourth battle with a cold/flu since December and these are playing havoc with my pain/mood management. My throat is swollen more than normal making talking, eating and drinking a challenge. Thankfully last night I got a good sleep and can spend most of today resting as well.

So, what does over time look like when you are literally self-employed?

  • More than ever I need to fully rely on God to show me what I need to do and not do. He has been faithful through worse challenges in my life and I have no reason to believe he can’t help with extra pain and the flu. He is the great Physician after all!
  • I need to say “no” more often than usual to friends, family and even me. I don’t want to go out when my immune system is low because I don’t want to catch a bug or prolong it if I already have one.
  • I need to get rest which is not easy when I am in a high pain mode. There are not a lot of comfortable positions. Right now with the tail bone problem I can’t sit for long periods; however, if I am coughing I am better in my recliner so it is a lose/lose situation.
  • When I am fighting pain and the flu I tend to not be hungry. Also, not much goes down my throat so eating is difficult. However, I need nutrition so I have a lot of smoothies, soup, etc. I just eat what and when I can.
  • I still need to get some form of exercise to keep my muscles from stiffening up so I try stretches, a minute or two on my bike a couple of times a day and just getting up and walking around the house.
  • I need to keep my mood levels on track. With taking more medications for pain, cough, etc. I can go up or down without even realising it. Lack of sleep and food don’t help either. And my gruff voice makes me sound down and/or moody even if I am not.
  • I need to make sure I keep blogging and other writing so that my mind is active and not dwelling on all of the above.

So, I will get my housewifely duties done for the day, which includes making hubby’s sandwiches and the main meal before he goes to work and tidying up the kitchen so it doesn’t affect my OCD. Then I am going to curl up with the fur-kids for our afternoon nap.

Gee, a job where overtime can mean taking a nap? I think I am beginning to like this job! 😀



12 Replies to “Putting In Overtime”

  1. You seem to have learned, how to take good care of yourself Lydia. I will give you one, as help me through when I need it. At least a half hour of daylight every day, no matter if you have sun or not, just daylight help to keep my mental health in much better condition. If you can move your body in same time, double help, otherwise just to stay in the daylight and not the shadow, if possible.


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