“Standing In The Gap”…

There is a Christian Women’s conference series called “Women of Faith” that has been touring all over the states (and a few stops in Canada) for 20 years. This year, in fact, this month, they say farewell.

I had the privilege to go three years in Vancouver, BC, with many friends from my church. Each conference gave me new hope and helped my faith to grow a little deeper. The first year, there was a singer named Babbie Mason performing and she did her song “Standing in the Gap”. My dear friend Dee bought the CD and lent it to me in some of my low times. Since that time we have said that we were “standing in the gap” for each other. It’s also something that you don’t have to say – the other person can feel it. Standing in the gap is intercessory prayer to its fullest.

Dee and I don’t see each other very often these days as she is busy with her family and I don’t get out like I used to. We actually don’t even chat on the phone or email like we used to. However, this does not change the depth of our relationship. We both still sense when the other needs some prayer or just an acknowledgement that we are there. Dee is forever knowing when I need a new batch of her famous wontons and I am always up for going on a tea date! Well, almost always but rain checks are there for times I am not.

I have a few other friends who are always there if I need them as well. Being shut in with chronic illness (whatever the type) is no fun. So it is important to know that there are people you can count on. I sometimes feel very much alone but then I realize it is because I haven’t reached out to them! They are right there in the gap waiting for me. I will come in contact with these friends and they will say, “I have been praying for you”.

How can you not feel better knowing that so many people, who have their own busy lives, are there lifting you up in prayer? How can you feel alone when all you have to do is ask and you get a meal, a ride, company, and anything else you might need. With some people, you know they care when they post a pun on your FaceBook wall because they know you appreciate them. With others, it might be an email or a phone call or you can just feel them lifting you up.

What prompted this post was that a couple of days ago Dee sent me an email with the subject “You are amazing”. I was a little surprised as I didn’t think I did anything. Upon reading it, she was saying how strong I am in my faith despite all that I am going through. She had gotten this from posts I had written. I cried openly because I wasn’t expecting that. I just live my faith and sometimes I don’t think I do a very good job.

But obviously for those people standing in the gap, I am stronger than I think. Again, that is totally from the Lord as I couldn’t make it through all of this without Him and those He has put in my life.



2 Replies to ““Standing In The Gap”…”

  1. To God be the Glory for your Story! I ran across your blog by way of another and have been looking around your site. Like what I see here so I will follow. So glad you are keeping the faith through it all. A Conqueror you are:-)

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