Sick Leave

© Willeecole | – Sick Dog Photo

I just wanted to let my dear followers know that I haven’t stopped blogging. I got a serious acute infection, which has triggered my chronic pain and other chronic conditions. I am sleeping a lot and being treated very well by my hubby and fur-kids.

I like to think at times like this God just wants me to take a break.

The bad thing is I had to cancel out of the training program I was to start today. They did say I would go on the waiting list for the next one.

The good news is I should have lots of topics for when I get back…after all, life goes on even when we have to take a break.



14 Replies to “Sick Leave”

    1. I have a 12 year-old Border-Collie/Boxer, Violet, who is forever the nurse. She has arthritis as I do so we are kind of kindred spirits. Our 2 year-old black cat, Monkey, loves to lay at my feet during naps – I love it too.

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      1. You are very fortunate to have such excellent caregivers. Mr. M and I both have arthritis, however his has been remarkably improved lately – I believe this is due to the catnip blends he has been testing for Cat-a-bliss… in fact, the old fellow is doing so much better that I’m considering testing catnip, too.

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